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Art Matters last day of term Friday 21st December
New term starts Wednesday 3rd January 2019


Art Matters is a community arts studio & centre of wellbeing and mindfulness aiming to connect communities and provide creative pathways to recovery. It is part of the mental health charity Richmond Fellowship.


The studio offers a person centred approach in which artists are encouraged to explore their creativity, curiosity and develop new skills and confidence. At the heart of everything we do lies: hope, respect, enabling, inclusion. Art Matters offers a Peer support scheme for those attending.


Enrolment to Art Matters is done through referral. We offer short courses and one off workshops Artist in Residence opportunities and studio visits. Please contact the studio for more information and to request pack.

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    The lease on our building has been extended by three months – until March 31st 2019. This is good news as we are yet to find a new permanent site. The Art Matters re-location group continue to meet regularly - minutes from these meetings are available in the kitchen. The group comprise of Gemma, Raj and Tony from the Art Matters Forum; Richmond Fellowship location manager Olive; RF Assistant Director Mike; Reigate and Banstead & SCC Councillor Jonathan and Art Matters staff David and Mark. The group are working hard to identify and explore potential venues but it is not proving easy. We had a viewing of South Park Surgery last week and RF is currently in negotiations about rental costs. We continue to talk to our community partners at Surrey County Council and our building requirements have gone out to SABP NHS Trust. If we are unsuccessful in finding a building whilst at our current Art Matters building a contingency plan has been put in place. However, the hope is we’ll move from here into the new venue.
    If you have questions or any information of vacant buildings that may be suitable please speak to staff.
    The Art Matters Service User Forum is up to date with the relocation process and together we promise to keep you informed of any news or developments.

    An Art Matters Relocation Group Meeting was held on Friday 16th November 2018. Click the link to download the minutes.

    download Relocation Meeting

  • Leo at Art Matters


    Leo with his new work Winged Craft, inspired by James Pullen

November - December Winter Term 2018

download Download Art Matters diary.

Art Matters has been life changing for me. It has helped me regain the social skills and confidence I thought I had lost forever! It has helped me to feel creative and confident about sharing my art with others. I have felt part of a team and feel valued in everything I have done. I can’t thank you enough for all that you have enabled me to achieve.’

You can find us on Parochial Hall, Earlswood Road, Redhill, RH1 6HE.


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