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  • Celebrating the life of Capability Brown at Gatton Park



  • Capability

    In 2016 Art Matters artists joined Gatton Park to celebrate the three hundred years anniversary of, 'The Life of Capability Brown'.

    Capability Brown lived in the 18th century 1716-1783; he was a renowned landscape gardener of that time. His work can still be see within the English Landscape at various estates and stately properties, like: Ashridge Estate, Wimple Estate, Woodall Estate, Petworth, Stowe, Wellington and Dinefwr Castle. In 1762, Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown was commissioned by Sir George Colebrooke, to sculpt the landscape of Gatton Park.

    Situated on the Surrey Hills, Gatton Park is a beautiful example of Capabilities work. Drawing inspiration from the landscape created by the designer, Art Matters artist recreated one of Capabilities merandering steams, the Serpentine. Using over 5,000 plastic spoons, the artists recreated the winding Serpentine in sculptural form, as an exhibit in the Gatton Hall corridor and down the grand External Staircase. This created a sence of art-meets-landscape, which emphasized the celebrations in the Park.

  • The Heads-Up Exhibit at the Royal Holloway University



  • Heads-Up

    2015, celebrated eight hundred years of the signing of the Magna Carta. To celebrate this, Art Matters exhibited Heads-Up as part of the DAISYfest 2015.

    The Heads-Up exhibit at the Royal Holloway University, questions how images in fashion magazines and celebrity media have an impact on society. Using collages and creating masks this exhibit aimed to ask you "who are you looking at?". The exhibit invited you to explore: idenities, beauty and conformity, this questioned uniformity and the percevied erosion of individuality.

  • Art Matters Partners

    Art Matters is a member of the umbrella organisation DAISY, which stands for Disability Art in Surrey. Each year DAISY co-ordinates the DAISYFEST, an art festival that brings together artists and artist groups who work in the disability field. These festivals provide a day of: celebration, awareness and art.
    For further details follow this link to the DAISYfest page. This page features a colourful photograph from the recent ‘Flotilla’ exhibition; some of the Art Matters artist contributed to this U.F.O. scene.


Art Matters has been life changing for me. It has helped me regain the social skills and confidence I thought I had lost forever! It has helped me to feel creative and confident about sharing my art with others. I have felt part of a team and feel valued in everything I have done. I can’t thank you enough for all that you have enabled me to achieve.’