Covid-19 update

Last Monday the Government announced that from July 19th many of the Covid-19 restrictions would come to an end. However, with infections on the rise the Richmond Fellowship has made the following statement:

Coronavirus cases are increasing across the country. In our organisation, we are seeing this upwards trend replicated, with a small, but significant increase in cases and people self-isolating. We do not yet know what impact the lifting of restrictions on the 19 July will have. As a health and social care organisation, we have a duty of care to the people we support and we must remain cautious and vigilant in carrying out our roles.  

We are therefore not lifting any of the current Covid safe measures we have in place across all our services and offices for the time being. For the next month we are asking all staff and services to keep to your existing Covid secure risk assessments, and ways of working. You must continue to wear the relevant PPE and maintain social distancing, even if you have both vaccines doses.

If for any reason these safe measure are going to be difficult for you please contact the studio. We will update you to any changes over the coming weeks.

Scars on my mind and body?
Still healing from trauma!
Like a tree which is majestic!
We all stand tall and green with renewed vigour!
At Art Matters, we are cherished and nurtured!
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!
Never doubt for a moment!
You will get better!
A big hug to all!