Personal Stories

Caroline Wright

I started Art Matters in 1997.
I had been a client of Wingfield Day Unit, a local Rehab Work Unit run by the NHS. I had learnt printing skills such as litho, block and typesetting in the print room. I also loved my arts and Crafts.
Art Matters was a new studio in 1995. Some of us in the unit were given the opportunity to attend the new Art Studio.

In the early 2000’s Art Matters were producing large scale paintings. I started to learn web design and with my knowledge I produced the first Art Matters website around 2003 including an artists gallery. My passion was to show to the public the art works of my fellow colleagues. It was a very important time reaching out to the community to reduce the stigma attached to mental health. From those days onwards the website developed and grew over the next 20 years plus.

Art Matters has been a big part of my life that gave me respect and helped me gain the confidence I needed.

Caroline Wright, Nee Dent