Art Matters: Referral Criteria

Who we support.

Applications to Art Matters are open to individuals aged over 18 years who live in Surrey and experience mental ill health.

The Referral Process – getting started.

We accept self referrals so you can contact us directly or we accept referrals from community mental health teams, GPs, or any other agency currently supporting you.  


We ask that anyone interested in attending Art Matters visit the studio in the first instance. Please phone or e-mail the studio to arrange your informal visit.

Individuals who attend Art Matters are required:

  • To have an interest in exploring their creativity.
  • To be motivated to attend and engage in the art making process.
  • Have a low level of risk to self and others.
  • Agree and sign up to ‘Harmony for All’ – a code of good and respectful conduct. * 

Please not we are not an Art Therapy setting. Art Matters is a non-clinical community art studio for those experiencing low to moderate mental ill health and as such is unable to offer placements for people currently at risk of:

  • Active risk of harm to self.
  • Recent suicide attempt or still in crisis.
  • Active risk of harm to others or recent history of violence.
  • Active symptoms of psychosis.
  • Personality traits that would make engagement with the Studio difficult for the other members.
  • Individuals with complex or challenging behaviour.
  • Drug and alcohol misuse at a level of misuse likely to prevent engagement.

There can be provision for those requiring the additional support of clinical staff during sessions to be accompanied. Please contact the studio to discuss.

*’Harmony for All’ is the Art Matters code of conduct, created by people attending.

If you feel that your mental health would benefit through attending Art Matters, please contact the studio for more information; enrolment is by referral, you can download the referral form here.